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Muppet Mashup

With the recent release of the most excellent Muppet Movie (was anyone else blown away that Mickey Rooney was in it? What is he, 134 by now?) it seems appropriate to share a children’s music project from a few years ago- a mashup/remix collection called Muppet Mashup. I am a mashup artist, and I sometimes get other DJs and musicians together, and we make what used to be known as ‘record albums.’  This is one of them, using music from The Muppets and Sesame Street.

A funny story- an unnamed source from within Henson told me the album made it to some of  the artists and employees within those hallowed walls, and they actually heard it. The folks fell roughly into two camps: Disney people, who hated it, and Henson people, who loved it. Score.

I love thinking that someone was listening to my record while gluing eyeballs on a real live muppet.

Cover by Scott DaVault

It’s a free download, grab it now here.