Potty Boot Camp: Graduation


We’re concerned with the one on the right. Note to self: DUST MANTLE!

You may remember that not so long ago, we were in the midst of an intense potty bootcamp session and I was blogging desperately, asking for advice, almost certain my otherwise well-adjusted child would go to Harvard wearing Depends and baffling her therapist. The great advice I did get was:

  • Lots of food and water, treats,whatever fills em up!
  • Nice new undies.
  • Rewards. Lollipops, specifically Dum Dums worked for us because they are cheap, small, and not filling.
  • A few toys for poop rewards. DVDs and art supplies work too because you’ll be at home for a couple days!
  • Do not budge. Do not give them diapers. Let it happen. Whatever ‘it’ happens to be.

I won’t detail the entire series of events, but it was not very tough the final go round. We had to lay off and just remove the diaper, and say you can go on the floor/in your pants, my dear, or in the toilet. And be chill about it and help her in a non-judgmental way to do whatever she needs to do to get there. She basically had to decide it was time, and she did. Huge milestone. We went right into overnights without a single accident! Talk about being ready.


The key to winning is FOCUS!

Anyway, thanks for all the tips!


Potty Boot Camp: Third Attempt

Exchange Rates.

Tonight at 5pm begins our third weekend-long attempt at Potty Bootcamp. For the uninitiated, this is were you hunker down at home, take off the diaper and go to the potty on the regular until something actually happens into the toilet. I’ve read a little about it… and we’ve gotten good tips from Dr. Grandma, and friends. I’ll do a little more research today. I’m hoping readers might give me tips.

Here’s the long and short of it. Due to moving, new twin siblings, and so forth, this has been a bit of an arduous process. For months we encountered steadfast and unwavering resistance to the very idea of using the potty. Nothing would convince her, not even “Elmo’s Potty Time. ” (Highly recommended, by the way.)  Her mother and I were at our wit’s end.

Just when it seemed our otherwise intelligent and sensitive daughter would attend college wearing Pampers Cruisers Size 18, and things looked at their darkest, suddenly the light broke through the clouds. We have recently had a handful of #1 successes, but no #2 successes. We are ready to try Boot Camp again.

Not like this, though.

We have 2 potties. One of them, the pink plastic princess crapper, plays an 8-bit royal fanfare when you pee on it. We have rewards at the ready for pooping-a couple of Playmobile mermaids and a couple of Wallace and Gromit DVDs. We have Mike-and-Ikes and Skittles (“fruit M&Ms”) for peeing rewards.  We have a sticker chart. There are 7 stickers on it so far. Two from last night alone! Continue reading