Reaction To The Odd Life Of Timothy Green

Some parents taped their kids’ over-the-top reaction to this new Disney film. (SPOILER ALERT!)

It’s SAD!

Does posting something like this online contitute a poor parenting choice? The parents obviously love their kids, and think it’s sweet that they are so emotional. And they probably didn’t think this would be seen by many people. But maybe it will be traumatic for the kids. What do you think? Post thoughts in the comments.

Personally, I find this pretty funny, and I don’t think it’s such a big deal. But then again, I didn’t grow up in the internet age. People had to tease me in person.

Also, thank god I didn’t take my 4-y-o daughter to see this. She got emotional when she saw Jennifer Love Hewitt sadly plugging UNICEF over footage of starving African children from 1996.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

Here’s the reaction:

Fails From the Dad: Tattoo Edition


This is wrong on several levels. The photo captures the moment- what is the tattoo artist thinking? Why is he photographing this monstrosity? Does he think it is good? Was this tattoo applied in someone’s kitchen? Is that a baby seat in the background?

Does Dad, wallet and shoulder both stinging, even know what this LOOKS like?

Dads are not the only offenders. At least the pops above didn’t actually tattoo his child, like this mom from Georgia.

Photo from