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Potty Boot Camp: Third Attempt

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Tonight at 5pm begins our third weekend-long attempt at Potty Bootcamp. For the uninitiated, this is were you hunker down at home, take off the diaper and go to the potty on the regular until something actually happens into the toilet. I’ve read a little about it… and we’ve gotten good tips from Dr. Grandma, and friends. I’ll do a little more research today. I’m hoping readers might give me tips.

Here’s the long and short of it. Due to moving, new twin siblings, and so forth, this has been a bit of an arduous process. For months we encountered steadfast and unwavering resistance to the very idea of using the potty. Nothing would convince her, not even “Elmo’s Potty Time. ” (Highly recommended, by the way.)  Her mother and I were at our wit’s end.

Just when it seemed our otherwise intelligent and sensitive daughter would attend college wearing Pampers Cruisers Size 18, and things looked at their darkest, suddenly the light broke through the clouds. We have recently had a handful of #1 successes, but no #2 successes. We are ready to try Boot Camp again.

Not like this, though.

We have 2 potties. One of them, the pink plastic princess crapper, plays an 8-bit royal fanfare when you pee on it. We have rewards at the ready for pooping-a couple of Playmobile mermaids and a couple of Wallace and Gromit DVDs. We have Mike-and-Ikes and Skittles (“fruit M&Ms”) for peeing rewards.  We have a sticker chart. There are 7 stickers on it so far. Two from last night alone!

Look, ma! I made the Dean’s list!

We have diversions for the weekend, and can take short jaunts to a nearby mini-playground if needed. There is a backyard, and there is a sprinkler- and it should be warm this weekend.

Any tips? I am going to try and be as relaxed, chill and low-pressure as possible, we’ll go to the potty at regularly timed intervals, and attempt to have a normal day except that we will not leave the house or wear diapers at all. I am guessing outside distractions, such as visitors, would be best avoided… and that we shouldn’t make a big deal of, or even mention, the fact that its potty bootcamp.

Where the magic happens. Or will happen. Supposedly.

 So, please share advice in the comments! Any things to remember, or tricks to make this easier would be awesome. Thanks, and wish me luck.

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6 responses to “Potty Boot Camp: Third Attempt

  1. Alyssa S. ⋅

    I’ve been through this twice and I’m afraid to say, I have no brilliant advice! It happens when it happens and the more you make a big deal about it the more they seem to fight it. One thing that worked…steal their britches! We let both kids go commando during the day and I’ll tell you, it takes once, maybe twice of them going all over themselves before they decide it sucks! It ain’t pretty, but it worked for us.

  2. Give her more to eat and drink than usual. Let her gorge on anything ~ lil debbies, chocolate milk, juice boxes, ice cream… whatever. (well, maybe not all that, we don’t want I belly ache.) You want to make it impossible for her to hold out going potty until Monday, when I assume she’ll get to wear pull ups again. Going commando’s good, or new undies w/ some character she likes – ” You don’t want to pee on Brobie!” Best of luck.

  3. Kate ⋅

    All great suggestions! We had success with the “Naked Weekend” Actually for us it was a Wednesday (Is it bad that I remember that after 15 years or so?)….I’m sure she’ll do fine :). good luck. Looking forward to hearing the results 🙂

  4. Uncle Dad

    I am happy to report that we had good success this weekend and our heroine is at school in underwear as we speak! Thanks all, for your tips and stuff.

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