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A Caterpillar in the Craft Corner

Sneak peek!

I did this simple little craft with my mom when I was a kid. I resisted googling it and copying some other schlub’s version, in order to preserve the glorious pure beauty of shared parental-child intergenerational artistic expression (wipes tear). Either that, or it sucks, and I (and you, hopefully) remain blissfully unaware other much better versions of this craft how-to out there on the tubes. But, I ask you- are there more SARCASTIC ones? I think not. That is my new niche- sarcastic craft how-to’s for toddlers. I am certain to make millions.

Anyway, let’s make sure you are prepared ahead of time before you start saying UM KIDDIES LETS MAKE A CRAFT. Unless you WANT to frantically look for pipecleaners while your kid whines about what is the craft and what are you looking for Dad and can we put the eyes on the cat? No- set all that craft stuff up the night before or while they are out in the yard up to shenanigans. Then you can jump right in when it’s time.

The makings of a… Caterpillar!

You will need:

-EGG CARTONS. Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

-WAYS TO DECORATE EGG CARTONS like markers, glitter and glue, stuff like that. Basically, you want to be sure it will actually stick to your egg carton. Foam cartons can be hard to use glitter glue on, for example. I learned this the hard way.

Hmmm… what color should Caterpillary’s eyes be?

Those sticker jewels are also a big hit, especially with the young ladies.

Stickar joolz!

-GOOGLEY EYES. These are well worth the investment of time and effort to obtain. So many varied uses. Get extra big ones for extra big effect!


-PIPE CLEANERS. They call these ‘Fuzzy Sticks’ now. Can you believe that? FUZZY STICKS. I mean come on. They are PIPE. CLEANERS.  Has any kid taken up smoking due to making a pipe cleaner craft and saying hmmmm… pipes….? But I guess they have a point- Does anyone actually use them to clean pipes?

Fuzzy Sticks!

Anyway, now they are known as Fuzzy Sticks.

Right. Let’s get on with the crafting.

It’s pretty basic. This is good, especially if this child is young. The age range for this is probably 2.5-6 years. Should I have put that at the top? Did I waste your precious precious time, O parent of a tween? (See- sarcasm.)

1. Cut the lid off the egg carton. Discard. Cut the eggy part into two long caterpillar shaped halves, like so. Don’t let the kid handle the scissors, you idiot! (More sarcasm.)

It’s practically done!

2. Draw stuff on the caterpillar. Like a face. And tattoos. Whatever. Stick jewels to it. Your kid will have ideas about how to decorate, just stand back and let them work.

My design. FANCY! All this glitter glue would later fall off when dry.

3. Stick eyeballs on the face, using glue. You are an adult. You can figure it out.

Smile for the camera!

4. Use the FUZZY STICKS to make antennae. Literally just shove the things through your little pal’s cranium. Twirl it around a pencil to get the swirly effect. ADVANCED TECHNIQUE: Also make little legs with the fuzzy sticks. That’s too advanced for me though.


Voila! You are done! Caterpillars have been made!

Meet Caterpillary!

Now go put Nemo on and commence the glue scraping.


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