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Home Movie Tips: Olde Cape Cod

When I edit together a home video, I strive for something charming and watchable. A classic format of home movies- the super-8 looking, Wonder Years-esque style of the previous generation or two- is a fun and appealing choice. Creating a video like this will allow you to consolidate a bunch of little clips into something watchable which you can easily share with friends and relatives and save for your kids to watch as they get older. It’s also a great gift for your spouse (or the grandparents) which is affordable, personal and special.

Here are a few easily executed characteristics you can use to give your short film a bit of personality.

  • Good vintage music to fit the mood, and a mute on the original sound. A single, short song also limits you to a digestible and easily watchable length film. Luckily, older songs tend to clock in at shorter lengths
  • A super-8/ film grain effect, and film defect effects if you can manage them.
  • Cute, appealing, classic shots. Get people to wave at the camera, if you can. It adds a real smile factor. Once you edit one together, you will have a sense of what kinds of shots you need for your next home movie project.

In the example below, I allowed some priceless footage of Nana reading a story to kick things off. I thought it worth keeping for the kids. By the time we are 20 seconds in, we are in super 8 mode.


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